Hi, my name is Kathleen.

I am a professional birth doula, childbirth educator, and placenta support specialist. I have worked in birth for over a decade and my experience in birth includes hundreds of births in all models of care.

I became passionate about supporting the process of the birth after the birth of my first baby. This passion led me to doula support with the desire to offer knowledge and an understanding of choices both during and after birth. Working with birth was really founded on the desire to work with women and families in achieving informed and empowering births as you define it.

All Birth founder providing all needs and supports for birthing and postpartum families in Kelowna.

It is my role to offer support to both the birthing person and the partner as they both experience the birth of their baby.
~ Kathleen Stanford, All Birth

The idea behind All Birth

All Birth was founded on the idea that we support all kinds of birth. Our birth classes encompass all the ways and modalities to access birth, postpartum and infant care. We live in a society that is fear-based, and because we are inundated with so much information it is our goal to offer accurate information, options and resources.

We offer education and support that is not focused on one approach. There will never be one modality that resonates entirely with you and so the intention is you build your own toolbox with our support so you are informed, educated, and trusting in the normal process of birth with agency over your own birth and postpartum.

My Personal Experiences Giving Birth

My experience in both of my births really informed my desire to offer a trusted and continuous person to normalize what happens during various stages of labour. My first baby was delivered in the hospital with medication and my second baby was born at home unmedicated.

My first birth was difficult, and I had little knowledge and understanding of birth. I felt fearful and unsupported. My second birth was healing and most important, with the support of an incredible partner, my teen daughter, doula and skilled midwives. My personal and professional experience with both models of care allows me to easily support and normalize each individual and unique birth experience. I know that doula support is invaluable.

Inclusiveness of All Birth

I support all ways of birth. As a member of the LGTQIA, I work with inclusive support, I am empassioned about feminist issues and reproductive justice. Historically women have been denied options, have been pressured by care providers and because your birth is something you will always remember, trauma can be common.

It is my role, as I see it to offer trauma informed care and informational support. It is my role to offer physical and emotional and knowledgeable support to both the birthing person and the partner as they both experience the birth of their baby.

Kind Words From Clients

“Kathleen was an incredible support for our journey into becoming a new family. She was an integral part of the birthing process. She supported both of us before, during and after the birth. We couldn't imagine having gone through this experience without her.!”
Bailey, Kelowna
“Kathleen brought immense knowledge to our meetings. She was a guiding light throughout my labour and birth. .Postpartum she supported with home visits, check-in texts and phone calls, a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader to celebrate the wins with and much more. She felt like a best friend at the end of it all. We can't thank her enough and she'll be one of the first people we call when we become pregnant again. Thank you Kathleen!”
Laura, Kelowna